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These 7 Secrets Are What Every Single Prolific Millionaire On Earth
Has Used - Consciously Or  Subconsciously - To Become The Most Effective People At What They Do. Today You Are Going To Learn & Copy These Strategies In Your Own Unique Way.

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Dear Reader,

Well, I already have and I've found out that there are 7 secrets to success that all millionaires use  - whether they are conscious of it or not - to create, maintain and be happy with their wealth & lives overall. Without first knowing & understanding these secrets, you are proven to struggle and make mistakes no matter what path you take.

You see, what you have been led to believe about money, wealth, success and fulfilment is completely & unethically flawed. In fact, it is keeping you from long lasting happiness & richness... period. 

For example, if you feel uncomfortable in your body when you imagine being a millionaire in real life or if you feel a sense of impossibility & confusion when you think about how to achieve it... then you too are a victim of this flawed view of money and will always find a way - consciously or subconsciously - to avoid long lasting success. You will procrastinate, find excuses, lack resources, focus on your inadequacies & fail to understand all of the key strategies that lead to long lasting abundance.

As long as you feel like money, joy and long -lasting adventure is not for you - that will be your mediocre reality. But it is a reality that has been conditioned into you for far too long and you must now realize that getting rich is not about luck or circumstances - which we will prove in the book - but is actually a science that is easily copied and used for your own benefit.

Money isn't everything. That's why I don't like books on wealth unless they show you how to not only attain money but keep it and get life lasting happiness from it too. This comes from knowing your true purpose and living it while having the financial freedom to do so.

You deserve to have all the experiences that life has to offer and unfortunately, society is set up in a way that you will never be able to live life to the absolute fullest without money.  Sad but true.

This is why, instead of looking for systems that will make money for you while you sleep or hoping money will just come to you- you must FIRST understand how to make money in a way that no matter what system or path you decide on - you will KNOW that you can get rich from it faster and smarter than anyone else.  Making money on autopilot is great, believe me, but it's not so great when it is your mind that is on auto pilot. That's not living and you know it!! Plus, scraping by, working too hard, lacking any real challenge, spending a ridiculous amount of time on your laptop and missing out on all the actual LIVING is not good either!

Truth is - you don't just want money, you want to be happy and this book aims to cover all those areas and lead you (in a very practical way) towards a more fulfilling 'you-centric' life.

Even if you feel you have enough money – this will fill all the gaps in your understanding (in one way or another) and ensure that you keep and grow that money.

If you don't take time to understand the specific information that is enclosed in the book, you'll be left wondering if life could've been better, if you could have been richer and most of all – if you could have followed your ‘real' dream. The question you must ask yourself is - Do you want to live a life where it has the same old story line every single day?

It doesn't ever have to be so dull.

In fact, I have discovered a process model for unlimited abundance & business success (mentally, physically and strategically) that absolutely every person can use to (not only) become a millionaire in their own right but also use that path for lasting happiness in every other area of life & business too. 

If you are not ridiculously rich, successful and happy right at this minute it is because you have focused on obstacles in the past & present such as -

You feel do not have enough talent
You do not understand how to build rapport with everyone you meet
You do not have the resources to make it happen
You have no money and so can't make any money
Your family life & responsibilities overshadow your dream
You do not understand how money works
You think would spend it all anyway
You suppose money wouldn't make you happier anyway
You imagine massive amounts of money is just for self-righteous idiots
You don't know how you'd even begin to get rich
You are uneducated or lack experience
You don't have any good ideas
You are tired of get rich quick schemes that don't work
You don't know what your life purpose is
You feel too secure in your current job
You feel too much pressure to truly succeed
You are a procrastinator
You think it takes too much time and effort
You think you're too old now to start becoming wealthy
You don't believe that you deserve riches or can't get past a certain ceiling of wealth
You wouldn't fit in or know how to behave in an upper class setting
You are not very good in social situations
You do not understand business and entrepreneurial thinking
You are not good at saving and keeping money
You lack consistent motivation
The people around you do not fuel your dreams or criticize you
You have low self-esteem
You don't have the energy to persist in wealth at this level
You can't decide on what you really want in life
You have health or situational challenges
People would judge you if you lived your dream or got rich
There are many more I'm sure, but the truth is... all of the above things are just B.S stories that you use to block it from happening because you fear failure, you don't know how to start and & because you don't want to think about how this COULD be you. So you joke, you make excuses and nothing magical happens for you.

I'm not saying that these challenges do not exist for you – they most certainly do if you're experiencing them. BUT… they are not a reason for you to ignore your best self or to imagine that in your condition (whatever that may be) that you can't have more joy, more wealth and live life at the very top anyway.

As you'll find out in more depth in the book, you can have all the money & happiness you want easily. You can find out what you really want and finally be happy in everything that you do regardless of what has thrown at you & I will prove it.

If you choose, you can continue to play it safe instead or for those of you who are already entrepreneurs - you may be making lots of money and then somewhere along the line it fluctuates instead of turning into life-lasting millions.

"Get Rich Quick Schemes
Never Work Without These Principles."

Some turn online to 'get rich quick schemes' which (by the way) will absolutely never, ever work for you - when you do not first understand the 7 core secret principles to long lasting riches.

Get rich quick literature or tools will not achieve your greatness or financial freedom alone, no matter how well they are sold to you or how well they worked for the creators. The creators understand or have used the principles (whether they know it or not) to make the systems work for them!

In fact, I know millionaires that if you gave them ten dollars they'd be able to turn it into a thousand dollars easily. Why? Because it is not the systems that make you rich or the amount of money you have to invest, it is the underlying understanding of money, habits and people and how it all really works that breathes it into life.

In reality, if you can grasp just 7 things, really take them seriously and actually weave them into your personal and business life... you will be massively successful.

"How Do I Know That It Is This Simple?"

Well, because I have spent years trying to find the common denominators to success. Things that all rich and outstanding people agree works time and time again regardless of your starting point, background or challenges. There are other ideas and paths to wealth of course, and I do not discourage these, but these 7 things detail what works consistently for every person.

In fact, there is not one superstar, business magnate or web tycoon that has ever said these 7 secrets do not work during my entire research journey.

Somewhere, with every single person I studied, I found definite evidence that they used some or all of the secrets to gain their fame and fortune.

"How Millionaires 'DO' Reality"

This book aims to balance both aspects of wealth so that you will not just get to the top and lose it again as some people tend to do.

With this book, I hope to inspire and motivate you and give you examples of others you will recognise who have come along the same road in life - so that I will hopefully eliminate some of the trial and error for you and make your wealth adventure much less difficult and quicker.

The book itself is a filtered and plump essential resource to wealth harvested from the collective mind of some of the most effective people on earth.
"So let's get to it. What will I discover in this book?"

Wealth starts in the mind, is displayed in the physiology and results in the specific actions then taken. So the book will cover every aspect of wealth and success - including all the missing pieces of information from other books out there. One without the other just doesn't work.

Today, with me, you will find out 7 secrets, which will expand into everything you need to know within those secrets, that is the theory and the practice. In other words, you can't just think about it, you must also go through the process you are given too - this is where your success will really begin to show itself!!

Some people, just by thinking differently, end up knowing exactly what to do next after reading. Others need a little help – and so it is all in this book no matter what level you are at.

I can't give away the actual secrets/principles until you are inside so the following may seem a little ambiguous but...

Some things you will learn include –

Finally finding out what you really want to do (your dream job)
The difference between what you think you want & what will actually make you happy
Discovering  your real life purpose now
How to have extremely heightened focus
How to overcome the energy vampires - fear and doubt
Your friends & partners and why they may be stopping you from living your dream
How millionaires kill procrastination & how you can mimic them
How to start living as the ‘richest' you
Overcoming obstacles and adversity as a millionaire does
How to make better decisions in life and at work
Famous people who you thought had it 'good' but didn't
Surprising & inspiring millionaire success stories
How to overcome failure and get back up stronger
How to build rapport with every single person you meet
How to deal with difficult people in business
Body language & communication secrets that all key public figures use
Hypnotic millionaire business phrases
Employee vs. employer strategies in top end businesses
The strengths and weaknesses myth
Everything you need for understanding & making money
How to use millionaire secret habits daily
The proven mind mechanics of wealth
How society can murder the ‘real' you
Viable money making strategies
Your most common myths about  money
The evidence/real life examples of effective business   
Quotes from the wealthiest people on earth
Wealth formulas and metaphysics
How to make people see your ‘powerful' side
A step by step guide on how to get rich – specifically for your own life and interests
The various arts of effective wealth
Exercises for your relationships with other people
How to become a better listener
How you can finally conquer the past and all its demons
Tricks for motivating yourself & others
How to win the battle of body vs. mind
The 7 principles of wealth and lasting happiness
The way all millionaires think, feel and ‘see' reality
And so, so much more...

As I said before, there is not much more I can disclose otherwise my time and effort will be in vain but know that I have spent a great deal of energy to bring you the most concise and straight up book possible so that you can get right to the point and begin making your own dreams come true starting today.

The information inside is proven, it is the core of all wealth and it is also very potent if you use it as instructed.

Here is a surprise too...

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money back guarantee

I have done the research for you. I have practised its contents and taught them to others and the wisdom does work. In every lecture, seminar, book and video, I have come across the same things that work constantly and condensed them for you so that you can absorb them faster and with less effort.

Now it's your turn to decide whether you want to live every day you have as the richest and happiest person you can be or not.

I know you want to be the best version of yourself - we all do... so let's make it happen.

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All the best in business and in life,

Cherie Magee
  Author, Writer & Coach
in association with John Delavera

P.S. "What format can I buy the book in?"

When I decided to release this book, I wanted to do it 'John Delavera' style, that is in a 'Turbo' way. The book itself gets straight to the juicy bits (it doesn't mess about) and so I wanted this speed reflected in the format too. I wanted it to be instant, available and modern so that people wouldn't have to wait on postage, they could download the book right away, read it on the train or in bed and for business or website owners - I would offer the rights to sell it and keep the money (and so extend it to their networks too - HINT: the resale rights are offered once you complete your order.)

This is what my affiliates and I thought it would be a sound business idea for both us and the readers to create the book digitally... initially. After all, it IS a digital world and people don't hang around. They want to know information yesterday.

If the book was well-received, which it really has been (from the tests, support & reviews - read below), I'd OK it to be published in the hard back version and maybe even sign a few for fun.

Then a crazy thing happened... I'm still getting floods of messages requesting the hardback specifically. I thought - "Wow" because I wasn't expecting people to want the physical book itself first. They do say 'actual' books are a dying art since the Kindle came into light. But I guess not. And I'm glad because I'm old fashioned and I love the feel of a new book in my hand.

So, the book is in digital format for now... but for those of you that contacted me for the hardback - fear not. You can now order the book personally autographed by yours truly to be shipped to your mail address! The option is offered on the order page.

I thank you all in this way for opening my eyes to the fact that people 'still' have a bit of that 'real life' magic in them. And that's cool.

As you can imagine I've asked from leaders of the market today and also some friends to review my book. You'll find very interesting what they have to say below. ;)

Marie O'Riordan - London Olympics

"As the millionaire founder and CEO of one of the best known academies on wealth and success, I can say first hand that Cherie's notions on riches and happiness are precise, thorough and well-researched.

She writes it in her own special way that allows ordinary people to internalise core concepts of wealth and practise them immediately in their own lives.

A must-read."

Christopher Howard
Founder of the Academy Of Wealth & Achievement

"Cherie is a phenomenon.

I have met 1000s of people online and I put her in the circle of the perfectionists that can do miracles with words, honor deadlines, have a deep understanding of life and people's needs and can perfectly deal in equal and exemplar craft both with daily trivial routine and also with metaphysics. That mix and furthermore maintenance of those capabilities at a peak level cannot be found easily on this Planet and I am really glad I met her.

Needless to say that you will discover exactly what this book promises to you - no matter what your status is; Cherie has you covered."

John Delavera
Internet Marketing Legend, Creator of DELAVO®

"A fantastic and real look at how one succeeds. This book gets right down to the truth, not just 'feel good, think good thoughts' type of book. I like the way it's written and I like the accompanying quotes throughout - which really tie what the author is writing about to a mini case study.

"Especially important,in my opinion, is Secret 1 Part iii. I've seen far too many who have not done this, and they end up waffling and wasting years. This is vitally important."

Kevin Riley
Osaka, Japan

""How Millionaires "Do" Reality" takes a very holistic approach to a very common issue shared by people of every race, age and upbringing. I know that I've found myself asking the questions, "What is my purpose or Why am I here?" at one time or another in life

By addressing this common dilemma from a body/mind/spirit approach, Ms. Magee shares with her reader the solutions offered by experts in their respective fields and has brought them together and compiled them into a well thought out thesis. Her ability to blend the different aspects of what each of these thought leaders have taught into an easy to read practical guidebook is a real gift and something you don't want to miss.

Take the time to learn what will make the difference in your own life. Apply what Cherie has shared to your own life or business and see for yourself the profound difference the right attitude and mindset will make for you. Make the choices today that will change all of your tomorrows. You can do it!"

John Melanson

"After reading the book, I felt it was inspirational, practical and a must-read that I would strongly recommend to anyone in business and in life. Please read this book and if you get the chance, speak to Cherie Magee as she is herself an inspirational lady with a toolbox of fantastic attributes."

Gerry Hogan
Managing Director at 3D Business Consultancy Ltd

"Cherie, I love to read the things you write about. I have (with my partner) a International Real Estates Sales and Marketing Consulting Company and think you do an excellent job with what you do. I wish we shall do business in Ireland, as you know I focus on tropical locations, and you would be a valuable asset to developers not just in Ireland, but Great Britain and all of Europe. Keep up the great work and thanks for the inspiration that I find and receive in your work."

Dean Studebaker
President at Compass Group International and Compass Group Productions

"Cherie really understands people, what drives them , their needs and how to satify those needs in the most simple but most effective way possible."

Yoni Plotkin
(Tony Robbins' student, Israel)

"Cherie's new book is one of the most exciting and yet grounded books to surface this year.

It brings a totally new light to wealth and is written in that magical 'Cherie way' so that every one can absorb its meaning. It is complete proof that the rich and poor divide is a farce and that everyone is entitled to live life as their best, most wealthiest self.

I can't think of one thing she hasn't covered here - all of the tools & wisdom are present so that you too can see life in that unique millionaire way starting now. From finding out what you need to do to actual practical business advice, Cherie has dissected some of the most prolific brains and condensed it into her work so that she can save people time, money, effort & the trial and error that comes with finding out yourself. 

A really inspirational and thorough read."

Eddie McDowell
Founder of EMD Media

"There are many motivational books in the market. However most are hundreds of pages long which require a few weeks of reading. By the time we are in the second half of the book, most of us have already forgotten the first half.

Cherie avoids this by sticking to the point for each concept she introduces in her book. One can finish reading this book in a few hours and put the techniques into action the next day.

Cherie's book stands apart from other motivational books because of its personal and realistic approach. It is easy to read and written for anyone wanting to put their dreams into action. I would highly recommend this book because it is inspiring and motivating.

Cherie gives us simple yet powerful insights on how to plan towards the achievement of success in life. It is very educational in nature, easy to read and follow, and inspiring.

When I read Cherie's book, it was an amazing wake up call for me… This indeed is a book worth a second, third, and more readings.

Great work!

Thanks for putting it all together."

Aigul Erali


I've just finished reading through 'How Millionaires DO Reality' and feel like a light bulb has just been turned on in my head. I've come close the the 7-figures a few times but never quite been able to get there. Now I feel like I have a complete new plan, a new guide... all I had to do was stop looking through my own eyes and see things the way they *really* are.


Paul Barrs

"Cherie has written an amazing book on key success principles and I know you would be interested in reading it. Three of the sections in particular really hit home as I have made some recent changes that align with these key principles.

Regarding one of the keys - Cherie states, 'Prolific business minds know that selling is not based on products - it's people' - Cherie has a way to get to the heart of each success principle!

When you start reading, you won't be able to quit, great stories, current analogies, and a flowing style that makes the words leap off the pages.

This is a gem, right up there with 'Think and Grow Rich' and 'The E-Myth'!"

Jack Zenert

"Cherie takes complex content and brilliantly lays it out in an easily digestible and "soulful" manner. Her book title implies this is a blueprint to wealth but wealth is just a side-effect of the 7 core principles. If you are looking to motivate employees, improve your relationships, or just want to live a life with balance and joy, this is the road map on how to get there.

Two thumbs up Cherie!"

Jaye Pause and Brad Webb

"As you read Cherie's book, you realise why all the successes you have had in your life have happened. There is a really simple science to success that all too often society has made many of us as adults think we cannot achieve. Speaking from first hand experience a while ago I lost 41 pounds in 30 days it changed my life irreversibly for the better not because weight had been lost but because it proved that anybody can produce amazing successes. It doesn't matter who you are or where you come from, Cherie's book is the perfect first step on any journey to success. Nobody has the right to say you cannot or you never will, just go somewhere quiet enough to listen to what you really want to do and WHY you want to do it. be grateful for Cherie's book because if you truly are ready to learn success Cherie in a few hours read will give you 7 secrets to how you too can make a happy successful life for yourself... not by fluke but by design"

Luke Helmn
International Biathle Coach
"Cherie has literally de-bunked what we all consider to be magic in the creation of wealth. She's brilliantly explained how the rich think, how they live their lives and often literally manifest the outcomes that they desire. She helps her readers to understand that through a correct mindset, and learning to move with the ways of the universe, as well as satisfactory business growth, exponential self and business growth can be achieved - and it all starts in the mind, therefore act, therefore do and thus what kinds of outcomes we create. Very clever and well-written book that I'd highly recommend!" 

Toby Street
Business Growth Director
"Cherie Magee has a wealth of knowledge and shows us how to live the reality of a millionaire. A way of being, thinking, speaking and taking action that ensures you the success of a millionaire and indeed any other goal you set your sights on. She shows us how millionaires bring an energy and focus to their dreams with the self belief and faith that makes them unstoppable. Her use of real life examples will inspire you to step into the reality of your own dreams. For me this sums it up: "I was always an A list superstar in my own head ... Y'all just didn't know it yet". Will Smith.
Thank you Cherie Magee for your insight, enthusiasm and contribution."

Conor McCarthy
Managing Director
Synergy Financial Partners
" Well they say that you should always start with a joke so, I went into a bookshop the other day and asked the chap behind the counter if he could tell me where the self-help section was? He refused because he said it would defeat the point!

That joke pretty much sums up my feelings on 99.99% of the "self-help" books out there, I've always thought that you could only take from a book that which you the reader brought into it, and if you really want to help yourself what do you need a book for?

Having read Cherie's book, How Millionaires Do Reality, I can honestly say I'm wrong (that's why I had to lower the above percentage from 100%), Primarily her book is a guide to help you learn and weave a path through the sometimes murky business world to aid you in achieving or maximising wealth and success, and if you approach reading her book with those views in mind I can only see success in those ventures in your future. If however as I did, you can approach her book with a completely open mind, you can take so much more away from it than a guide to wealth and success. You can apply what she has written to every facet of your life, and actually achieve wealth and success not only in business, but in every area of your life. Society measures wealth and success in terms of business acumen and financial statements, but wealth and success comes in many forms and not all of them have a currency symbol attached.

All you have to do is have the courage to look at yourself honestly without that mask that we all present to the world, and apply what she has written in her book, she writes beautifully, light and humorous, and uses plenty of examples and quotes from people that have already used these principals to achieve huge successes, not only in business and financial gain, but in every area of their lives.

If you are going to read a motivational book, make it How Millionaires Do Reality by Cherie Magee, you will not be disappointed, you'll probably wake up the morning after you've finished it more fired up than you can ever remember being."

James Meek
Computer Programmer

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