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Hi Guys,
As promised, the new second edition of How Millionaires ‘DO’ Reality is almost ready for launch, and with it I’m going to be launching a new website too. Please register your interest by clicking the link, and I’ll keep you informed with regular updates and let you know when it’s available for purchase again.

I’m so grateful for your interest and support. Richness is within you, it is your natural state… it’s time to remember who you really are and what you are worth.

Thank you very much

What My Readers Have Said

Don’t just take it from me, these are some of the reviews that my readers have sent to me, Thanks so much people!

“As the millionaire founder and CEO of one of the best known academies on wealth and success, I can say first hand that Cherie’s notions on riches and happiness are precise, thorough and well-researched.

She writes it in her own special way that allows ordinary people to internalise core concepts of wealth and practise them immediately in their own lives.

A must-read.”

Christopher Howard

Founder of the Academy Of Wealth & Achievement

“”How Millionaires “Do” Reality” takes a very holistic approach to a very common issue shared by people of every race, age and upbringing. I know that I’ve found myself asking the questions, “What is my purpose or Why am I here?” at one time or another in life
By addressing this common dilemma from a body/mind/spirit approach, Ms. Magee shares with her reader the solutions offered by experts in their respective fields and has brought them together and compiled them into a well thought out thesis. Her ability to blend the different aspects of what each of these thought leaders have taught into an easy to read practical guidebook is a real gift and something you don’t want to miss.Take the time to learn what will make the difference in your own life. Apply what Cherie has shared to your own life or business and see for yourself the profound difference the right attitude and mindset will make for you. Make the choices today that will change all of your tomorrows. You can do it!”
John Melanson

“As you read Cherie’s book, you realise why all the successes you have had in your life have happened. There is a really simple science to success that all too often society has made many of us as adults think we cannot achieve. Speaking from first hand experience a while ago I lost 41 pounds in 30 days it changed my life irreversibly for the better not because weight had been lost but because it proved that anybody can produce amazing successes. It doesn’t matter who you are or where you come from, Cherie’s book is the perfect first step on any journey to success. Nobody has the right to say you cannot or you never will, just go somewhere quiet enough to listen to what you really want to do and WHY you want to do it. be grateful for Cherie’s book because if you truly are ready to learn success Cherie in a few hours read will give you 7 secrets to how you too can make a happy successful life for yourself… not by fluke but by design”

Luke Helmn

International Biathle Coach,

” Well they say that you should always start with a joke so, I went into a bookshop the other day and asked the chap behind the counter if he could tell me where the self-help section was? He refused because he said it would defeat the point!

That joke pretty much sums up my feelings on 99.99% of the “self-help” books out there, I’ve always thought that you could only take from a book that which you the reader brought into it, and if you really want to help yourself what do you need a book for?

Having read Cherie’s book, How Millionaires Do Reality, I can honestly say I’m wrong (that’s why I had to lower the above percentage from 100%), Primarily her book is a guide to help you learn and weave a path through the sometimes murky business world to aid you in achieving or maximising wealth and success, and if you approach reading her book with those views in mind I can only see success in those ventures in your future. If however as I did, you can approach her book with a completely open mind, you can take so much more away from it than a guide to wealth and success. You can apply what she has written to every facet of your life, and actually achieve wealth and success not only in business, but in every area of your life. Society measures wealth and success in terms of business acumen and financial statements, but wealth and success comes in many forms and not all of them have a currency symbol attached.

All you have to do is have the courage to look at yourself honestly without that mask that we all present to the world, and apply what she has written in her book, she writes beautifully, light and humorous, and uses plenty of examples and quotes from people that have already used these principals to achieve huge successes, not only in business and financial gain, but in every area of their lives.

If you are going to read a motivational book, make it How Millionaires Do Reality by Cherie Magee, you will not be disappointed, you’ll probably wake up the morning after you’ve finished it more fired up than you can ever remember being.”

James Meek

Director/Business Intelligence Consultant, Ryoshiron Limited

“Cherie is a phenomenon.

I have met 1000s of people online and I put her in the circle of the perfectionists that can do miracles with words, honor deadlines, have a deep understanding of life and people’s needs and can perfectly deal in equal and exemplar craft both with daily trivial routine and also with metaphysics. That mix and furthermore maintenance of those capabilities at a peak level cannot be found easily on this Planet and I am really glad I met her.

Needless to say that you will discover exactly what this book promises to you – no matter what your status is; Cherie has you covered.”

John Delavera

Internet Marketing Legend, Creator of DELAVO®

“After reading the book, I felt it was inspirational, practical and a must-read that I would strongly recommend to anyone in business and in life. Please read this book and if you get the chance, speak to Cherie Magee as she is herself an inspirational lady with a toolbox of fantastic attributes.”

Gerry Hogan

Managing Director at 3D Business Consultancy Ltd

“Cherie really understands people, what drives them , their needs and how to satify those needs in the most simple but most effective way possible.”

Yoni Plotkin

(Tony Robbins' student, Israel)

“Cherie’s new book is one of the most exciting and yet grounded books to surface this year.

It brings a totally new light to wealth and is written in that magical ‘Cherie way’ so that every one can absorb its meaning. It is complete proof that the rich and poor divide is a farce and that everyone is entitled to live life as their best, most wealthiest self.

I can’t think of one thing she hasn’t covered here – all of the tools & wisdom are present so that you too can see life in that unique millionaire way starting now. From finding out what you need to do to actual practical business advice, Cherie has dissected some of the most prolific brains and condensed it into her work so that she can save people time, money, effort & the trial and error that comes with finding out yourself.

A really inspirational and thorough read.”

Eddie McDowell

Founder, EMD Media

“Cherie has written an amazing book on key success principles and I know you would be interested in reading it. Three of the sections in particular really hit home as I have made some recent changes that align with these key principles.

Regarding one of the keys – Cherie states, ‘Prolific business minds know that selling is not based on products – it’s people’ – Cherie has a way to get to the heart of each success principle!

When you start reading, you won’t be able to quit, great stories, current analogies, and a flowing style that makes the words leap off the pages.

This is a gem, right up there with ‘Think and Grow Rich’ and ‘The E-Myth’!”

Jack Zenert

“Cherie has literally de-bunked what we all consider to be magic in the creation of wealth. She’s brilliantly explained how the rich think, how they live their lives and often literally manifest the outcomes that they desire. She helps her readers to understand that through a correct mindset, and learning to move with the ways of the universe, as well as satisfactory business growth, exponential self and business growth can be achieved – and it all starts in the mind, therefore act, therefore do and thus what kinds of outcomes we create. Very clever and well-written book that I’d highly recommend!”

Toby Street

Business Growth Director,

“A fantastic and real look at how one succeeds. This book gets right down to the truth, not just ‘feel good, think good thoughts’ type of book. I like the way it’s written and I like the accompanying quotes throughout – which really tie what the author is writing about to a mini case study.

“Especially important,in my opinion, is Secret 1 Part iii. I’ve seen far too many who have not done this, and they end up waffling and wasting years. This is vitally important.”

Kevin Riley

Kevin Riley Publishing - Osaka, Japan

“Cherie, I love to read the things you write about. I have (with my partner) a International Real Estates Sales and Marketing Consulting Company and think you do an excellent job with what you do. I wish we shall do business in Ireland, as you know I focus on tropical locations, and you would be a valuable asset to developers not just in Ireland, but Great Britain and all of Europe. Keep up the great work and thanks for the inspiration that I find and receive in your work.”

Dean Studebaker

President, Compass Group International & Compass Group Productions


I’ve just finished reading through ‘How Millionaires DO Reality’ and feel like a light bulb has just been turned on in my head. I’ve come close the the 7-figures a few times but never quite been able to get there. Now I feel like I have a complete new plan, a new guide… all I had to do was stop looking through my own eyes and see things the way they *really* are.


Paul Barrs

“There are many motivational books in the market. However most are hundreds of pages long which require a few weeks of reading. By the time we are in the second half of the book, most of us have already forgotten the first half.

Cherie avoids this by sticking to the point for each concept she introduces in her book. One can finish reading this book in a few hours and put the techniques into action the next day.

Cherie’s book stands apart from other motivational books because of its personal and realistic approach. It is easy to read and written for anyone wanting to put their dreams into action. I would highly recommend this book because it is inspiring and motivating.

Cherie gives us simple yet powerful insights on how to plan towards the achievement of success in life. It is very educational in nature, easy to read and follow, and inspiring.

When I read Cherie’s book, it was an amazing wake up call for me… This indeed is a book worth a second, third, and more readings.

Great work!

Thanks for putting it all together.”

Aigul Erali

“Cherie takes complex content and brilliantly lays it out in an easily digestible and “soulful” manner. Her book title implies this is a blueprint to wealth but wealth is just a side-effect of the 7 core principles. If you are looking to motivate employees, improve your relationships, or just want to live a life with balance and joy, this is the road map on how to get there.

Two thumbs up Cherie!”

Jaye Pause & Brad Webb


“Cherie Magee has a wealth of knowledge and shows us how to live the reality of a millionaire. A way of being, thinking, speaking and taking action that ensures you the success of a millionaire and indeed any other goal you set your sights on. She shows us how millionaires bring an energy and focus to their dreams with the self belief and faith that makes them unstoppable. Her use of real life examples will inspire you to step into the reality of your own dreams. For me this sums it up: “I was always an A list superstar in my own head … Y’all just didn’t know it yet”. Will Smith.
Thank you Cherie Magee for your insight, enthusiasm and contribution.”

Conor McCarthy

Managing Director, Synergy Financial Partners

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